What a Day!

Last Thursday was the day my dog Riley, was booked in for his neutering and micro-chipping at Vets4Pets, as they partake in the Dog Trust neutering scheme. He had to be there at 10.30am to see the vet and get his relaxant injection. We arrived, Mum, David, Riley and I, and proceeded to wait over half an hour to be seen. There were lots of people with dogs, it must have been a dog day!

We were at last called in by the vet! He checked Riley over and informed us of the procedure. The vet said Riley was healthy though a bit stressed, he is like his owner stressed at social situations. We were then put into a ‘quiet’ room and waited for the sedative to work on Riley. He was left lying on the cold floor for half an hour, I was not very happy with the service we received! At last we got the attention of a vet and they came to take Riley to the kennels. I was sad to leave him. I hoped they would look after my Riley!

The rest of the day was torture for me! I hate waiting for anything and waiting to phone up for Riley was excruciating! Nothing could stop me thinking of how Riley was getting on in his operation, not even visiting my brother Stephen and his kids!

David and I bought Riley lots of toys from B&M and we put them in a plastic bag for him to find when he came home. 🙂

After 4.30pm we went to pick Riley up. He was micro-chipped and neutered! We were called into the vets room and there was Riley all in his buster collar standing at the open doorway waiting for us! We all greeted Riley who looked so sorry for himself!  At one stage Riley tried to go back to the kennels lol. 😮

After the short drive home, Riley, still slightly doped, found his bag full of toys and brightened up a little. He slept off the effects of the anaesthetic and after 10pm that night, Riley had eaten all his dinner and had a big long drink! He even had energy to play with his new toys!

On Monday afternoon we have another appointment with the vet to see how his wound is healing. I’ll update you on the results!

What are your thoughts?

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