Birthday Blues..

I’m 36 tomorrow and what have I got to show for it? Nothing! I’ve no job and no prospects. I have nothing to give to the world!

I have been trying to focus my attention into my writing, but that progresses in fits and starts much like my sleeping of late. Last night after about 5 hours I managed to write a grand sum of three pages, three pages! Seems nothing! At this rate I think I’ll be dead and in my grave before Olwyn’s first novel is written, nevermind three of them!

Even the wild birds in my garden are not cheering me up as they usually do. I am missing Mr. Dunnock, as I have not seen him for weeks. I saw a Robin the other day so maybe he has taken claim of Mr. Dunnocks territory?

We still get the squealing Starlings enmass and the feral Pigeons are so plump, anyone who likes Pigeon pie needs to start hunting in my garden! Over the past few weeks, our outhouse has become a sort of sanctuary for injured Pigeons. The first visitor was ‘Percy’ who was a young Pigeon that David rescued and kept dry as he was soaked right through after all the rain we had the other month. The second Pigeon admitted was ‘Wallace’, whom I had to look after as he had lost a few of his tail feathers in an encounter with our dog Riley. ‘Wallace’ was strong and flew away the very next day.

I saw two good looking Magpies on the wall today, and they seemed to be a couple. We all know Magpies mate for life and it was nice to see them beak pecking. About 15 Goldfinches visit daily and the sunflower seeds are greedily being gobbled up. It’s nice to see that the resident Blue Tits are still frequenting the yard, they are right little bullies and chase the Goldfinches from the seed!

I doubt David will take me out for my birthday tomorrow, so I am thinking of ordering in my favourite curry from Saffron. Do I go for the Dupiaza or try the Karahi, ahh.. decisions, decisions…!

One thought on “Birthday Blues..

  1. How can u say that ??? U have a nice house lovelly hubby a job will come l8r and Olwyn will surface when u settle into ure house in ure own little corner which of course u r going to make ureself HAPPY BIRTHDAY xxxx


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