Better Late than Never!

Below, footage of the Southport Air-show that David and I went to this September. It was a lovely sunny Sunday and that was what caused the crowds to swell. I tried to get some good footage, hope the video is decent enough!

I loved the Red Arrow’s display, this year seemed better than ever! I was also thrilled to the bones with the Eurofighter (Typhoon), the floor vibrated as it flew past! ūüėÄ I just wish I had footage of the Tornadoes! I knew they would have been there, but I let David take me home!

Hope you enjoy!

Curry Night….a Disaster!!

To cheer myself up on Saturday, I managed to get David to agree on ordering an Indian take away from JustEat and our favourite Wavertree restaurant, Saffron.

Mum ordered her usual chicken Korma, I decided to try the vegetable Rogan Josh and David had his normal chicken Shahi.

All hungry, we sat watching the clock as the arms went around it’s face. Half an hour past and then three quarters of an hour and then in regard to their delivery estimate, Saffron were five minutes late!! I was shocked!

Then the telephone rang and it was Saffron, saying their delivery driver had had an accident and could not deliver our meal! ‘Could we come round and collect it?’

Luckily, David has a car, so we hot footed it to the restaurant.

On our arrival the guys who run the takeaway recognised us instantly, (we have become regulars) and were very apologetic, though it wasn’t their fault. Accidents do happen!

We readily¬†received¬†our order and within fifteen minutes we were home and plating up our meal. The Rogan Josh was not the best meal I have had from Saffron, I don’t think anything will top the vegetable Dupiaza for taste and depth. David and Mum both enjoyed their meals respectively.

We joked that it could only happen to us that on a night when we fancied staying in and ordering a curry, the delivery driver would have an accident!

Mission Complete… Baby Red Panda in Sight!

On Saturday as a late birthday treat, David and I drove the two hours down to Dudley Zoo near Birmingham to see their third baby Red Panda. Jasper. It was third time lucky for us as the previous two years we saw little of the other Panda cubs, (much to my dismay), though this trip was filled with Red Panda madness for hours!

We arrived at Dudley Zoo at 10am and all through the journey, it had rained! I despaired as I thought it was a wasted journey, but once we had entered the zoo gates, the clouds cleared and a lovely bright, crisp autumn day prevailed. The male Red, Yang was seen running here, there and everywhere for hours. He must have really liked the cold air, though David and I were shivering come four hours at their enclosure.

Jasper and mum Yasmin played for about 40 minutes in their next box, before to my wide eyes of excitement and wonder, baby Jasper bounded out into the enclosure and I took lots of video of them, David snapped about 300 pictures!

It was a good day! I was thoroughly happy to have seen a baby Red Panda, it had been far too long for me without some cuteness in my life!

Halloween Capers.

Getting into the¬†spirit¬†of All Hallows Eve, David and I dressed up, echoing years past when I used to have halloween, slash birthday parties. Oh, those were the days! ūüėÄ David I don’t think really tried with his costume lol ūüėõ

For my birthday the day before, David did indeed surprise me and took me to the Indian restaurant that has¬†recently¬†opened just around the corner from us, ‘Landmark‘. I ordered the Vegetable Dupiaza and David the Chicken Shahi. The meals had depth in flavours and the¬†vegetables¬†were really fresh. I¬†haven’t¬†tasted such fresh¬†vegetables¬†for years, I take it the chef¬†doesn’t¬†shop at a supermarket then! The food tasted different from Saffron’s¬†recipes, the naan tasted more like a cake mix, but we could definitely visit the restaurant again for family get togethers and special occasions. the lighting effects and water bubbling art work was lovely to look at. ūüôā