More Birthday Cheer!

Today was my nephew, Aaron’s second birthday! (Yes, Stephen has two kids!)

Mum and I went to Stephen’s to visit and to give Aaron his presents. Aaron seemed taken by the gift David I got him, a Mr. Potato-head! I really enjoyed my time with the family, colouring with Aaron and Nathan. They were both rather subdued due to colds. I just hope they don’t pass the bug on to me! 🙂

Other news: The builder is coming next Wednesday to knock down the shed and replace the back door. I’m excited about that, but also don’t want to be rushing in before Christmas. I think we should move in after Christmas, more New Year!

I’m feeling too rushed by everything at the moment! This family wedding in Turkey is really knocking me out of sync. I haven’t bought all the Christmas presents for the family nor David yet, and not even written all the Christmas cards! Last year, I had all the cards written by now. 😦

I just want 2012 to end! Maybe 2013 will be a better year? Let’s hope so, eh?

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