Burying One’s Head in the Sand Doesn’t Help Anyone…

… at least not yourself! Whatever you fear to face, will always come whether you try to distract yourself or not. That’s what I think regarding this trip to Turkey. For months I have not been thinking of it, thinking of all sorts to try stop worrying about it. However this imposed social occasion is almost upon me and I can’t do anything about it. I don’t do very well in social situations, hence the procrastination.

It was a friend of mine, who a while back said she was jealous of me for going to Istanbul. So it got me thinking, maybe I should be excited about going and not so evasive?

So I am packing my suitcase with a hope that I will get to see the Norse runes at the Blue Mosque (probably saying, ‘Sven was here’! ) and also to gaze upon the Bosphorus. This Thursday is set for sightseeing so hopefully I will be able to see some sights. David’s brother’s wedding is the Saturday and the day before we are attending a Henna night, should be interesting to witness, another culture in action.

We come home on the 23rd, so I only have Christmas Eve to plan anything. I have no hope that this Christmas will be any good. I’ll probably be too tired after all the travelling and David and I have not moved into our home. I had so hoped we would spend our first Christmas together in our new home.  Also I do not know how my mum will react knowing my father is no longer with us during the festive season. So I am not looking forward to Christmas this year.

House wise, the builder, a neighbour of David’s had knocked the hated shed down, bricked up the back door and put in the new door. Also today, we have had the gas turned on and the boiler checked. Everything at the moment seems all ok!

If the hotel we are staying at in Istanbul, (one of the Titanics’?) doesn’t have internet then let me wish you all the best for Christmas! See you in the New Year!

What are your thoughts?

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