Up Early on a Sunday Morning.

27th January 2013: I was up at 9am to a) watch Andy Murray come second in the AUS tennis final and b) to make a start on my counting garden birds for the RSPB’ Big Garden Watch survey.


At the last count, there were eight Goldfinches, eight Pigeons and one Starling. I wish the two regular Blue Tits had visited and Mr. Dunnock hasn’t been seen since Christmas. 😦 I may do another hours count this afternoon but my birdwatch this year has not been as varied as it was last year.

Chester Zoo in the Snow!

This weekend the snow the weather forecasters had said would come, came. I along with David and his brother Gary and his wife Bilgen went to Chester Zoo as the snow fell from the heavens.

What we saw is in the film below. I was so happy to be passing the gates of Chester Zoo again, I miss not having the membership.

The best moment of the day for me was when I visited the Red Panda enclosure and Lushui, Pali’s partner was running about. They like the cold! I called Lushui’s name and she came jogging to me, trying to get close to me. I am sure she recognised me, but probably just wanted some bamboo. 😀

I hope you enjoy the video, do comment further. 😀

What a Legacy!

At the end of last week I got news from zoo members of Chester Zoo that Pali the Red Panda had sadly passed away after a short illness. He was about 13 years old! I was heartbroken. 😦


Looking back at his life at Chester Zoo he and his partner Lushui have sired a fantastic second generation. Amongst them are Ming Ming and Lily. They in turn are now siring the third generation. What a wonderful Red Panda Pali was. 😀 He shall never be forgotten!



The Rise of the Onesie!

Silliness at the start of 2013! Below find footage of David’s sister and boyfriend and myself and David all sporting onsies. The Red Panda onsie David got for me was too large, but funny none the less. Leanne is sporting a Mini Mouse Onsie and Ferhat, an elephant! Enjoy!

The first day of 2013 brought its own ups and downs. The down was that the poison I got for the nine rats in our garden had started to work! David had to remove a carcass! The up was that there were 12 Goldfinches at the feeders all lined up and there are four Blue Tits visiting the sunflower hearts also!

On the 7th January my eyes alighted on a new visitor to the back yard: I think it is a Chiffchaff  A bit early for him but he was a most welcome sight as he fluttered here and there in the trees.