Two Dunnocks!

It seems that spring has finally sprung and I am slowly coming out of my winter hibernation! 🙂

Yesterday, Saturday was a lovely bright sunny day. Dare I risk saying it seemed like a whisper of summer? I dressed in my favourite summer frock and while waiting to leave the house to do the weekly shop I popped my head out of the bedroom window and lo and behold I saw the friendly sight of Mr. Dunnock! He was in the tree opposite with two Blue Tits. I have noticed the Goldfinch charms have all broken up and only couples visit the feeders now.

While excitedly watching the Dunnock hopping about our yard, my eyes espied another wonderful sight: another Dunnock. There were two of them!! 😀 I watched both of them sifting about the yard for 15 minutes or so!

While spying on the Dunnocks, I also noticed many big bumblebees having finally woken from their slumber looking for flowers and I was overjoyed at seeing my first butterfly of the season, but I could not identify it properly. It was small and brown with an orange streak on its wing tips. I think it may have been a Hairstreak but not totally sure.









Later on that afternoon David found an Early Bumblebee in the bathroom sink, we did’t know how long he/she had been there. David scooped the bee up in a glass and put him/her safely in the yard. After getting warmed up by the sun, the bee ‘buzzed’ off happy to be free.

What are your thoughts?

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