I just want to Cry… :(

This weekend we were making the final ‘push’ so to speak on the house. It’s been well over a  year since we bought the place and after all the work done on it (new roof, front and back doors, replaced bedroom wall, outhouse demolished and new carpets, painting and decorating,) I thought we were nearing completion.

dining 2 dining 1

Yesterday, Saturday we spent nine hours on wallpapering the feature wall in the dining room with the Sophie Conran wallpaper I bought last year!

Today I wanted to put up the black glass dining table I had also bought last year! I was so excited!!

But a spanner was thrown in the works as we collected together from both my house and mum’s, the table and chair parts but what evaded us was the nuts, bolts and instructions. There had been some as we checked them on arrival. However a year on and with parts scattered between two houses, the bolts were nowhere to be seen.

David had all the rooms in the new house turned upside down looking for them and we went searching in mum’s house, but to no avail. I really don’t know where they could be!

As you can imagine, I am very upset. The room I had envisaged since the beginning has been the last room to be completed and now has no main feature. I really am at a loss. 😦

The only thing we could do was put in the black, high gloss sideboard I had also bought last year. (I am very impatient as you can see!) I did not think it would take us well over a year to move in and now my interest in the house has hit rock bottom. I really couldn’t care less if we move in or sell up! 😦

2 thoughts on “I just want to Cry… :(

  1. Oh Christine !!!!! This is only a minor setback, I sometimes feel like that when nothing goes to plan in my new house. It will work out in the end, you will find the bolts somewhere silly and safe and even if u don’t, try looking around at more of the tables and c wot bolts they use and buy some or improvise. I know David can do it even if he enlists the help of his brother. They seem to make a good duo in DIY.
    I am feeling better about this house now as I have my own space in the attic now set up. Although it’s not the same as The Plough it is serviceable and I can do my writing and my art up here. With my work at the castle I am starting to settle better in Tamworth. It takes time


    • Hi Carol!

      Yes I am a bit of a prima donna! And you are right, I did find the bolts in a silly but safe place. They were in my bedside table draw lol. David said we must have put them there for safekeeping, though I really couldn’t remember!

      How is the writing going? What art pieces are you doing? The romance novel has stalled again. 😦 I doubt I’ll ever get it finished and then half of me thinks ‘what is the point, its rather crap anyway!’ 😦

      I will have to come up and visit you in your new home in Tamworth soon. Sounds a lovely place 🙂 Do you prefer Hampshire though?

      Keep in touch xx


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