The Count has been done…

… for the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch 2016. The numbers spotted this year were not as diverse as in previous years.

The total count for 2016 was:

  • 15 Goldfinches
  • 6 Starlings
  • 16 Pigeons

I suppose those numbers are decent for an urban city garden/yard, but I would have loved a few more species visiting. There were four Crows and the odd Seagull flying overhead but they didn’t make the count!

Sadly no Chiffchaff or Blackbird made an appearance and the Robin and Blue Tits were nowhere to be seen! David did take some nice, colourful pictures of the Starlings and of the squabbling Goldfinches.

Did you take part in the count? How many species of bird did you see?


7 thoughts on “The Count has been done…

  1. Oh lovely Christine. They are beautiful photos indeed! I didn’t take part. 😦 But having had an eye on the back yard for the last hour whist doing housework, I did not spot a single bird. Glad you did though. 🙂


  2. It takes a while for the birds to find the food. I think birds like feeders close to a bush or tree so they can make a quick escape! We have a few cats prowling around our area too and have taken a few pigeons with them! 😦 Over time it’s amazing what species visit! They are a joy to watch and lift the spirits when feeling down!


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