4 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #8

  1. I’ve never been a huge fan of Shakespeare and haven’t really noticed anything do with him over the weekend (apart from what I’ve seen on twitter really!). I’ve read a few of his books but not many, and seen several of his plays performed underground in Poole’s Cavern (an annual thing as part of Buxton Fringe Festival) but that’s it for me.

    I did 30 Days Wild last year too and have signed up for it again. My 30 Days last year became 365 Days Wild so I’m actually still doing it. I’ll complete that at the end of May and then start this year’s 30DW!

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  2. Great post Christine.I don’t think i will strictly join in again this year with Thirty Days Wild…but I am sure I will continue to write a few Nature inspired posts.I really need to tidy my Yarden! Yours looks lovely.x


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