Sunday Sevens #29

Once again I thought I would participate in this weeks, Sunday Sevens, devised by Natalie.

Delamere Forest: The bank holiday Monday saw David and I venture to Delamere Forestfor a six mile walk. Neither of us had been since we were children. We had never seen a forest so busy! Families Gruffalo hunting, cyclists and joggers all jostled along the woodland paths. Instead of a leisurely walk in nature it became too overwhelming for David! The only wildlife we did spot was black headed gulls squawking on Blakemere Moss, speckled wood and orange tip butterflies.

#walk1000miles: The walk around Delamere aided my rather sedate week of walking, and has brought my mileage for the week to 25 miles, meaning I have passed the 400 mile mark!

o0OhgWNN30 Days Wild: I applied to be a featured blog on this years Wildlife Trusts’ My Wild LifeLast year I followed many bloggers who were participating in June’s 30 Days Wild and learned something new almost daily. For me, part of the experience was the camaraderie in blog-land, everyone was just so lovely and the sharing of nature enriched my June. I look forward to this years 30 Days Wild and hope to make some more wildlife friend bloggers. Why not follow the link above to join in!

Wildlife: Linking in with the above, David and I have recently bought a bird box for robins. Hopefully we can encourage them to nest or at least give some shelter to those in the area.

I also purchased some marbles this week and placed them in my poppy feeder. I topped the feeder up with water and hopefully it will be a restful oasis for passing bees. The marbles I read, give the bees something to stand on while drinking, save them drowning.

Yarden: The yarden at the moment is looking verdant. One particular plant that seems to be doing well this year is the clematis.

Book I am reading: I’m 100 pages into Andrew Michael Hurley’s The Lonely. It’s a slow burn at the moment. Hope the narrative picks up!

Collecting: I managed to find my first Beatrix Potter 50p! David collects the 50p’s but he didn’t have any Beatrix Potter ones, until Friday, when I found Peter Rabbit!

Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit 50p

Do you collect any of the Beatrix Potter 50p’s? If so which ones have you got?

Well, that was my week, how was yours?

Until the next Sunday Sevens!

Christine x

11 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #29

  1. A good week ended bad. My camera lens has bust. I’m guessing it was from when I fell in the river a couple of weeks ago, it got splashed a bit but I thought I’d got away with it. Managed one walk last week and it worked, sort of. But this week it gone, been out for a 10 miler or so today and the camera wasn’t working, changed the lens and it was fine!! Damn. New one on order

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  2. I’ve signed up for 30 Days Wild again too 🙂

    I love your water and marbles in a bird feeder idea. Last summer I used an old plastic lunchbox with large pebbles in it for the same purpose but it was far too big really.

    I’d be interested to hear what you think of The Loney – I read it in February and didn’t like it really (it’s my Year in Books March post, first post in March if you’re interested).

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    • I look forward to reading what you get up to on 30 Days Wild! Yes I try and keep up with your blog and read that you had read the Lonely. It doesn’t seem to be going anywhere at present but I will persevere!


  3. I have never been to Delamere forest. Its a shame it was a bit to busy for nature spotting. I will look into joining 30 days wild again. I had not a clue about the bees liking colourful marbles. Your posts are always so informative! I didn’t even know there are Beatrix Potter 50p pieces. I shall look out for them now. Great post.X

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  4. What a shame you went on such a busy day. Delamere is one of my favourite walks and we often go in the opposite way to the main route. As children we used to build stick wigwams and play rounders with the abundant sticks and pine cones.
    I haven’t seen the special 50p pieces they’re cute. Good luck with these challenges they’re a great idea.

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