A Dog’s Viewpoint.

Today, I heard a knock at the door. I started barking to alert mummy that someone was at the door! Stranger! Stranger! Mummy went and opened the door and in stepped Christine with a smile on her face. It wasn’t a stranger after all! I wagged my tail and went looking for a toy to give to her. Maybe she has come to play with me? ‘Do you want to go to the park, Riley?’ Christine said. Yes, yes please! Mummy strapped the harness on my back and then David walked through the door. David my best friend! I ran to give him a sniff. I followed David outside and into the big red car that sometimes makes me sick. Christine sat next to me and I looked out of the window as houses and people sped past. It all became a blur.

We finally stopped and David helped me climb out of the car. I was so happy! I could see the park! There are lots of smells here and the first thing I did when we walked over the road was add my scent to a tree. Riley was here!

We all walked a path that lead to a lake where lots of birds sat on the water. I got so excited that I pulled a little, I wanted to catch all the smells, sorry! There were lots of people walking in the park too, some with doggy friends. Hello, sniff. Hello, sniff. Hello!

My favourite part of visiting the park is the big green field where we run and play fetch together. Today, we had the field all to ourselves while swallows flew overhead. I could have played there all day!

All too soon we were back at the car. Christine gave me a drink of water. I was thirsty! I panted all the way home, pant, pant, pant, but I was very happy. I had enjoyed my walk.

Do you have any doggy friends? Where is their favourite place to run?

Waggy tails,

Riley  images

6 thoughts on “A Dog’s Viewpoint.

  1. Aw cute post. 🙂 Riley looks like he had a fun time. It would be quite interesting recording Hugo’s walks with me ( no one else seems to have any problems! ) at the moment. Rarely do we have a walk without one or more of these things happening…..Hugo eats something he shouldn’t, Hugo steals another dogs ball ( despite having his own) , I wrestle with Hugo to get ball, I give up and have to return balls to random houses in town later on, Hugo gets humped by various boy dogs in love with him, Hugo snaps at boy dogs, Hugo decides he loves cow pats! Despite all this still love the daft dog! Might make a good film. 🙂

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    • Aww Sharon, Hugo sounds a handful! 😀 They are such characters! I can’t walk Riley (unless he’s really tired) as he pulls a lot! I do love playing fetch with him. He never stops, and is always on the go! We got the idea of filming Riley’s walks from a programme we caught on Channel 4. So we decided to give it a try! My action camera wasn’t very expensive from Amazon, it’s a cheap version of a GoPro. But the film quality is good, and you can get harness attachments too. Maybe you could invest in something like that for Hugo? Hope your next walk with Hugo isn’t so eventful xx


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