Sunday Sevens #31

I really enjoy collating pictures from the week and writing a summary in the form of a Sunday Sevens, devised by Natalie, however this post is slightly later than usual. Oops!

This week, David and I have spent more time in the yarden due to the weather being glorious! Most of the week in the NW of England saw temperatures soar to 28°C. It was a taster of what summer could be like if the winds are favourable.

fountainRecently we have been talking about getting a watering hole for the resident birds during the summer months. This week saw David came home with a big box! It took me totally by surprise. David had visited his staff shop and acquired a bargain. He’d bought a Bernini fountain for £10, it should have been £100! As you can imagine with the weather hotting up this week, the fountain has been a welcome addition to the yarden!

The yarden continues to amaze. I noticed some foam that looked like eggs. I Googled it and found that the foam is a cover against predators by an aphid like insect called a spittlebug. They are classed as garden pests, but I think I’ll let this one be.


I also snapped this picture of a striking silver y moth, though it can be confused with a ni moth. Any moth aficionados, do let me know if you think I have the wrong identification!

Bees: This week I received my Friends of the Earth, Bee Saver Kit. For a small donation you get this lovely pack, with a handy bee identification wall chart and a small pack of wildflower meadow seeds. I have recently been inundated with wildflower seeds! 😀


The wall chart helped me ID a bee visiting my chives. It was a first sighting for 2017 of the red tailed bumblebee.

Book I’m reading: I have recently picked up Khaled Hosseini’s ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns‘. It is by the same author of the wonderful emotive Kite Runner, so I have high hopes it’ll be a good read!


Wild Swimming: A day off work on Friday coincided with some beautiful weather. So I planned on anther swim/walk. This time David and I headed for Bowscale Tarn. With a lovely one hour walk to the secluded tarn and off the tourist track, it made for a wonderful day, even if I did catch mild heat stroke!


#walk1000miles: I’ve become a Proclaimer! Somewhere around Bowscale I reached the 500 mile mark! The mileage for this week has been a very healthy 28 miles. Bringing my overall total to 507 miles! I think walks with Riley have helped enormously!

So, that was my week, how was yours?

Until the next Sunday Sevens!

Christine x

10 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #31

  1. Well done on your miles! I bet your excited about the fountain. Hope the weather gets warm again. I felt a bit chilly today. I’m going to be in Norfolk for the first week of June so I may not get to update my #30dayswild until I get back. Hopefully I will see some different wildlife down there.x

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    • Enjoy Norfolk, it’s a lovely place to visit. You will probably see lots of different butterflies. I hope you have a lovely holiday. 🙂 I’ll be doing a weekly #30dayswild post like I did the past two years. It has been cold today, especially when David and I took Riley to the beach in the rain! We weren’t the only ‘crazy’ folk out though. 😀 xx

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      • It rained a bit here but not to much. If Riley is anything like Hugo, a few spots of rain ( or even a storm) won’t deter him for a walk! Just very grey here today really. Oooh butterflies ~ thats exciting. I would like to see some different ones. X


  2. Ok so now I am singing that song. Very well done on the half way mark. Looking forward to seeing how the wild flowers get on. We had bats flying round last night, how to take a picture of that. That fountain was a real bargain. Enjoy your week.


  3. I read A Thousand Splendid Suns a few years ago. It was incredibly moving and it has stayed with me. It gave me a real appreciation of my life as a woman living in the UK.

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