30 Days Wild 2017 – Finale

o0OhgWNNSadly, it’s the end of June and the finale of The Wildlife Trust’s 30 Days Wild! Though it has been a challenge this year, I have enjoyed stretching myself to experience nature through different activities.

Initiatives like this makes you more appreciative of nature. Whether listening to birdsong, smelling a fragrance or IDing a tree or plant. It gives colour to our lives.

Day Twenty-nine: Thursday. 

As I’m writing this my skin feels so itchy. It’s psychological. I decided today to have a look at the washing-up bucket pond we set up last year. In the space of a year, the rockery plants have grown, and we had to change the oxygenating plant as the mare’s tails died. I’ve never pond dipped before so I didn’t know what to expect. The pond is not very big so I just used a glass to scoop up some of the water. I beheld hundreds of strange floating, twisting insects. In hindsight I should have took a video but a blurry picture will have to suffice.

After some research I was shocked to find that the little critters are all mosquito larvae. Images of malaria breeding insects came to mind. I read that there are approx. 30 species of mosquito in the UK. Only females drink blood as they need the protein in blood to create their eggs. In warmer climes they are the biggest killer of humans. Makes you thankful the UK is often cool!

They are often the first to colonize a new pond and other pond life and birds eat these insects. So I’m wondering, is it a good thing for these insects to be a part of my wildlife yarden? What do you think? Perhaps I need to get another oxygenating plant to help clean the water some more? Some advice would be most appreciated.

Day Thirty: Friday.

For the final day of 30 Days Wild I decided to open a bottle of the elderflower champagne and toast to the wild!

As I have never tasted elderflowers I didn’t know what to expect. The bottle kindly didn’t pop, and what was decanted into champagne flutes was a fizzy, light coloured liquid that had a hint of zest and a floral bouquet. It reminded me of grapefruit. David said the drink was refreshing but my mum said it was an acquired taste. I enjoyed it, but don’t think I could drink a lot of it.

Have you made elderflower champagne? What was your experience?


My third year of participating in 30 Days Wild has been a memorable one. From blissfully hot summer days to endless days of rainfall. My favourite highlights included, making elderflower champagne, beach combing on Crosby Beach, strawberry picking on the Wirral and visiting Lunt Meadows Nature Reserve.

What random acts of wildness have you enjoyed doing over the course of the month?

Looking ahead: there are still many activities to keep wild well into the summer months and into autumn and winter too. Taking part in the annual Big Butterfly Count, which begins 14th July to the RSPB’s Big Garden Bird Watch come January. There is no excuse for us to not stay wild!

What future activities are you looking forward to participating in?

A Look Back:

2015: Moths and butterflies

2016: Dancing in the rain and IDing weeds.

Thanks for dropping by,

Christine x

13 thoughts on “30 Days Wild 2017 – Finale

  1. I also have the psychological itching! Normally occurs at night when I am wanting to go sleep 😦 I normally listen to music for a few minutes to distract myself from it, but I have just bought a new mobile so perhaps I will download something wildie like bat calls or bird songs instead? 🙂

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  2. Hi Christine, my pond had lots of mosquito larvae when I first set it up but it has very few now….i suspect that an equilibrium will be reached if you give it time, plus not all mosquitoes bite..

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  3. I’m sure the mosquito larvae will be fine – they’re all part of the food chain! Not tried our elderflower champagne yet, but think we are about a week behind you, so maybe next weekend. Loved following what you’ve been up to this month. xx

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  4. I wouldn’t worry about the mosquito larvae… I think most ponds get them. You find them in rainwater too! They are good food for a load of other pond creatures so I expect in time, as more life discovers your pond and moves in, you’ll get more variety and fewer mosquitos!

    I found 30 Days Wild so hard this year, it became a chore for the last week or so and I felt like I shouldn’t have bothered as I rarely got beyond the garden! Still, I’m glad I did and I hope next year will be better!

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    • I’m glad you did get through 30 Days Wild. It was hard for me to. I guess just seeing the small things, in our gardens is what the initiative is all about. I enjoyed what you were getting up to. I liked your drinking out doors section of your posts xx


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