Sunday Sevens #50

I wasn’t going to do a Sunday Sevens (devised by Natalie at Threads and bobbins). I haven’t taken that many pictures this week, but I thought I would give it a try and see what I could come up with.


Among a bunch of flowers I bought this week, were some yellow roses. I thought how pretty the folds of petals looked.

Book I am reading:

I’m currently enjoying Dan Brown’s latest Robert Langdon offering, Origin. Though it’s punctuated with endless lectures on the many geographical and historical places in the novel. I am looking forward to finding out the true reason for Winston!


A quick update on my weeks mileage, which has been 33. Bringing my annual total to 643 miles.


This Saturday, David and I took a visit to my favourite garden centre, Lady Green. We went in the hope of getting (shade loving) rockery plants for around the pond, but ended up getting the wrong type (sun loving). However the mistake was a blessing as the phlox I bought ended up in the main yarden around David’s recently moved acer. In total we bought five plants, and all have now got new homes. 🙂


Bee Sculpture

I also fell in love with some funky art for the yarden. These funny bee sculptures really do brighten the yarden up and at £3.99, weren’t too expensive either. 🙂

Riley Walks:

This Bank Holiday weekend has been unprecedented. The NW of England has been blessed with wall to wall sunshine and temperatures hitting 24°C. It truly has been a lovely Bank Holiday. On Sunday David and I took a hot Riley to a local nature reserve, Lunt Meadows. We visited Lunt last year as part of my 30 days Wild, so decided to go for another 4.5 mile walk around the reserve.

The sun was hot even at 10am! Peregrines soared before a cloudless blue sky, while greylag geese eyed us wearily. Bees buzzed among orchids and there were innumerous bird songs, most I could not identify. Speckled woods fluttered in nearby woodland. Orange tips, small tortoiseshells and peacocks, were all too fast for us to take a picture! Our leisurely morning walk flew by. Riley, though hot seemed to enjoy the different smells and sounds of the lovely nature reserve.

What have you been up to this Bank Holiday?

That was my week, how was yours?

Thanks for reading,

Christine x

13 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #50

  1. Sounds wonderful Christine! North Wales has so far been blessed with great weather as well. Today we ventured out to Anglesey, walked on Aberffraw beach which was shrouded by sea mist. A strange experience, but lovely nonetheless.
    Then it was off to Plas Newydd to wander round the house and gardens.

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  2. Lovely post 💛 yellow roses, gorgeous sunshine in London but wish it was cooler at night trouble sleeping. I’ve taken your lead by walking more, I walked into college yesterday 90 minutes I think it’s about 8km. Waiting for scene rehearsals so I walked into Hyde Park and am just waiting for a 1930 start. Keep on with all your adventures, you’re an inspiration.

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    • Thanks for your lovely comment Charlotte 🙂 I am glad I have inspired you to walk more. It’s a great exercise and it helps with improving mood. I look forward to reading about your adventures too. 🙂 The weather has turned so should be a little cooler in London soon xx

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  3. I am a bit the same with Sevens… the days fly by and I have no photos to show for it! Your roses are beautiful – such an uplifting colour!

    I have given up on Dan Brown… sadly, Angels and Demons had me throwing the book in disgust! a character did a complete transformation from one part of the book to another and it all got silly. I don’t think he knows how to write a good ending…. but I am more than happy to see what you think. Sorry to sound so grumpy, but I rarely throw books and I haven’t yet forgotten!

    Your walks look gorgeous! you live in a beautiful part of the world!

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    • Hi, the Dan Brown book was one of the weakest he’s written. The plot was rather thin. I think it read mainly as a tourist handbook, detailing places in Spain. I think with the success of Da Vinci Code he writes now to a rather predictable structure. x

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