Walking Riley at Pennington Flash

Yet again, David and I have had a simply wonderful bank holiday weekend! 😀 Our plans were fitted around the changeable weather on Saturday, were we spent time visiting family. With better weather forecast for Sunday, we headed up to the Lake District for a spectacular day out (post to follow)! Monday, the hottest day of the year (so far), dawned bright with not a cloud in the sky. Our plan was a visit to the very popular Pennington Flash, with Riley in tow.

At only 40 minutes drive from Liverpool, Pennington Flash is a local nature reserve in Leigh. Boasting a 70 hectare lake, bird hides, bridle paths and even a golf course! Pennington Flash seems to have it all.


View from a hide

On recommendation (as it gets very busy), we arrived early, paid £1.20 (which is for all day parking) and took a leisurely 3.5 mile walk around fens, woodland and meadows. Riley seemed to enjoy himself, even taking a short dip in the flash (a term for a lake derived from mining subsidence).

Of the numerous wildlife sightings, the highlights were, lapwings (which were too far for me to photograph), a yellow iris, my first sightings of damselflies, (too fast for me to photograph) and striking common blue butterflies.

I enjoyed the walk as much as Riley and hope to revisit in future. Perhaps a more detailed visit is in store for 30 Days Wild?

Have you visited Pennington Flash? If so, what were your impressions?

Thanks for reading,

Christine x


9 thoughts on “Walking Riley at Pennington Flash

  1. A lovely outing, and Riley certainly seems to be enjoying himself. Living up to the expression “Living the life of Riley”.
    Looking forward to 30 days wild too. I have made a list of walks and have one rather nice outing already booked. Feel much better prepared for my second year on the challenge, all I need now is some good weather.

  2. What a wonderful place name ‘Pennington Flash’. A great place for Riley to take a cooling dip. Lovely to see your Iris and Common Blue butterfly pictures too.
    Have decided not to officially join in with 30 Days Wild this year. I am still keeping a Nature Diary though with details of what wildlife I see when I’m out and about. Look forward to your posts. Xx

      • I know! Trying to think of a few for you. How about visiting a wildflower meadow, go on an organized nature walk, forest bathing ( basically just walk through a wood appreciating all the sounds, colours, textures etc, cook something wild ( not a rabbit! 😘) and a beach clean. Xx

  3. Do you know the origin of the flash? Formed due to subsidence caused by mine workings. There are others in Wigan too which are also pleasant to walk around

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