30 Days Wild 2018 – Day Two.

TWT-30-Days-Wild_countdown_02Day 2: and Saturday was a complete wash out! With a shopping trip planned to Cheshire Oaks for dry bags for future wild swims. I decided to incorporate a visit to a local nature reserve Dibbinsdale. However on emerging from the Queensway Tunnel the rain was falling in rods! I was not dressed for rain! I stood in ballet shoes with no coat! But we decided to take a short visit to the reserve none the less. We plan to revisit on a drier day. 🙂

Dibbinsdale Nature Reserve, Wirral, boasts 74 acres of woodland, wetlands and meadows, with three miles of walking paths. On our short walk we rescued a bumblebee who was struggling in the rain and snapped shots of comfrey and meadow cranesbill. The river Dibbin runs through the reserve and looked inviting for a paddle come sunnier days.

Do you have a favourite local nature reserve?

Thanks for reading and stay wild!

Christine x

10 thoughts on “30 Days Wild 2018 – Day Two.

  1. The rain has just reached us. I too got soaked to the skin. I went round a village today, mostly to visit a graveyard and see what was there. It had been mowed, so I just admired the beech trees and cow parsley in the hedges. The earth smelled so good as it got damp, love that smell.
    That looks like a super nature reserve. I suppose my favourite has to be my local one in Dalby forest, full of gorse and rabbits.

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  2. Although not doing 30 Days Wild on my blog I did manage to take Hugo to our local nature reserve Friday. Was nice to see a few different flowers to what grows elsewhere in Clitheroe. I do like Meadow Cranesbill. So pretty. X

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