December Photo Challenge 2018 – Day Ninteen

Day Nineteen: Today’s photo prompt is wrapping, so I decided to take a picture of the presents I have wrapped up for David. We are undecided whether to get a ‘big’ present each this year. I personally don’t need anything special but have been collecting a few small gifts for David to open on the big day!


Christmas presents

How’s your Christmas present shopping going?

Thanks for reading,

Christine x


5 thoughts on “December Photo Challenge 2018 – Day Ninteen

  1. Wil and I have booked a night away instead of getting each other a present this year. Have to wait until May though! His birthday is in January so I have bought us two nights in Edinburgh. I might get him a little something to unwrap too for that. X

  2. I go out in the sales (like those this week at Cheshire Oaks) with a list and spend a full day trying to get at least twice as much for my money as I would otherwise, plus it’s always hard to buy nice sets at other times of year.

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