Sunday Sevens #59

I’ve been wanting to update you all in a Sunday Sevens (devised by Natalie at Threads and bobbins), for a few weeks now but have not had enough photo content to warrant a post. However I’ve decided to put together pictures from the past two weeks. I hope you enjoy the update?

Family walks:

Sundays have become days when we are joined by members of our family and take Riley on a long walk. Last weekend we visited Lunt Meadows Nature Reserve and walked six miles following the paths overlooking flocks of black tailed godwits and teals.

This Sunday we took a leisurely 4.5 miles walk around Liverpool’s Otterspool Prom and Festival Gardens in thick mist. It made for some atmospheric pictures.


The days are noticeably getting longer! This week I have managed to walk 48 miles, which brings my overall total to 356 miles. I am enjoying every step!

Book I am reading:

I’ve just finished reading Joanna Cannon’s Three things About Elsie. I won’t spoil the plot for you but I found many passages in the novel profound. The last chapter had me in tears! Have you read a novel that has affected you?

For my next read I have picked up JoJo Moyes’s last installment of the Me Before You trilogy, Still Me. Have you read any of these books?


With all the early Spring-like weather we have been having recently in the UK, the plants in the yarden are beginning to wake up! During winter I feared for the raspberry but I’ve recently noticed new leaves starting to sprout! The crocus is giving the yarden a splash of colour and there are bluebells leafing. The greatest surprise was that the camellia which usually flowers in April has already begun to bloom!

RSPB Membership:

Saturday, David and I visited Burton Mere Wetlands. It’s the first reserve we’ve visited with our new membership. We spent an enjoyable three hours and 4.6 miles walking the trails and viewing the pools from the hides.

I love discovering new species and learning about them. We saw a flock of redshank, shoveler ducks and a little egret. I can’t wait to visit another RSPB site in the future. Where do you think I should visit next?

So, that was my week(s), how was yours?

Thanks for reading,

Christine x

6 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #59

  1. What a lovely fortnight’s worth of pictures. I can’t believe you have a camellia in bloom. The weather is lovely. We had a large yellow butterfly in the garden today, no idea what it was.


  2. The weather is very strange! I’ve been walking with bare arms today and was still too hot, I fear I may even have a bit of sunburn on my head!!

    I can’t believe how many miles you clock up! Is this only the ‘boots on’ out for a walk type walks or do you count more general day to day walking as well?!

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      • Ah, that makes me feel a bit better about my measly total so far this year! I am only counting the boots on walks which really limits me as that’s only when I can get a weekend walk in really, though I’ll hopefully do more once I’m in a new work routine and the evenings are longer. I can’t park further away from where I’m working as it’s a bit dodgy to park away from the office and at working, I have to drive a van loaded with kit to various schools so need to park close and don’t have time to walk anyway. I don’t have the option to clock up extra miles like that… I was thinking you were managing all those miles as well as general day to day life walking!

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  3. That’s wonderful that your camelia is in bloom already. Spring is feeling wonderful at the moment. Sounds like you are making the most of your membership! Wil is not quite as interested in bird life as I am. I am definitely one for pottering round taking pics whilst he is more into walking fast. I always lag behind because I’ve seen something interesting. 🙂

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