30 Days Wild 2019 – Roundup!

30 days wildI thought I would write a roundup of my 2019, 30 Days Wild.

Blogging everyday is a challenge in itself but when illness puts pay to plans it makes the challenge all that more difficult! Well it did for me! I had to cancel a weekend break to the Lakes and also a badger hide encounter. However, hopefully I will be able to re-book both in the near future?!

Before 30 Days Wild had even begun my story was featured on the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire Wildlife Trusts’ page. I was surprised to see they used my picture of swimming in Rydal Water as their feature! You can read my story here.

Saturday’s in June were meant to be RSPB reserve visits but David and I only managed to visit one site and that was Leighton Moss to meet with their moths.

I did manage to schedule some blog posts and enjoyed researching about red squirrels and dragonflies.

Gaia was an impromptu visit but an impressive addition to my 30 Days Wild. I also focused on the moon with some facts about our beautiful satellite.

There were two highlights of the month. One was of course watching my five painted lady caterpillars (from Insect Lore), become chrysalids and then beautiful adult butterflies! I would definitely do that experience again!

The other highlight was the bee experience at The Bee Centre. It really made me wish I had a bigger garden so I could get a hive. I would love to become a bee keeper, and I think David would too.

Looking back, perhaps my 2019, 30 Days Wild really wasn’t that bad at all!

Would I blog again everyday for 30 Days in June? Probably. I do like how the challenge makes you focus on the small things as well as the large.

Have you enjoyed my journey through this years 30 Days Wild? What did you like and what didn’t you like?

Thanks for reading, and for one last time, stay wild!

Christine xx

6 thoughts on “30 Days Wild 2019 – Roundup!

  1. I enjoyed your bee visit too. Hope you get to rebook the badgers, I have been on a badger watch twice and loved it. Well done on blogging for 30 days too. I didn’t participate this year, too much life was getting in the way, so I really appreciated your posts. Thank you. And my best wild experience this year was watching red kites.

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  2. What a terrific round up. You did some amazing things for thirty days wild and I really hope you do manage to rebook the badger hide. It was definitely well worth it, I promise you. I just couldn’t focus on blogging very much in June. Hoping to get my blogging head back on in July. Xx

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  3. You’ve had some lovely experiences as part of your 30 days wild! I’ve enjoyed reading about them (albeit most of them rather late!) and also enjoyed reading your story too.

    I’ve been so busy (the first time I’ve had a full time job!) and have really struggled with blogging (I’m still not caught up) and I’ve been working all week and every weekend is busy too with various things! Slowly catching up though.

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