Sunday Sevens #67

These Sunday’s come round awfully fast! Here’s another Sunday Sevens, seven or more pictures from my week. Thanks to Natalie at Threads and Bobbins for devising the series.

backyard natureBack Yard Nature Guardians:

Though aimed at children I decided to sign up to protect my precious back yard(en). Back Yard Nature are looking for guardians to protect a chosen patch of nature. Though the initiative is in its infancy there will be seasonal missions to accomplish. Save the bees will be the first. I have noticed that I have seen less bee action in my yarden this summer. It is a concern.

Art for the Yarden:

On Thursday David came home with another bargain from his work’s shop. An owl garden ornament which rocks and moves with the wind. I think it’s quite striking! Definitely a good addition to the yarden.

Walking the dog:

I took Riley on another solo walk this week. We took a 2.8 mile walk around our local park. I think Riley enjoyed the walk as much as I!


Since I am now counting to 2000 miles, here’s my weekly total. I’ve walked 38 miles this week, meaning my overall tally is 1,111 miles.

New Life:

The saga of the herring gull chicks continues. The nest at the front have retained their two chicks. However the nest to the back of our house has had another loss. David noticed there was only one chick left, the other had either fallen or was tossed off the chimney. Come morning the chick was nowhere to be seen. Probably food for another gull? Nature can be hard to witness sometimes.

RSPB Membership:

This Friday, David and I visited RSPB reserve, South Stack on Holy Island off Anglesey. We saw thousands of guillemots on a cliff face and enjoyed a picnic overlooking the Irish Sea, with stonechats, pipits and linnets bobbing past. To end our visit we spotted silver studded blue butterflies fluttering over the heath-land.

That was my week, how was yours?

Thanks for reading,

Christine x

4 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #67

  1. I agree about nature being hard. I heard the starlings making an awful fuss . which usually means a cat about, so I went out and in next doors garden there was a magpie pulling a starling to pieces whilst the others flew round it making a dreadful noise. I chased it off, but when I went in it was back to its nasty ways.
    Your owl ornament is super. Good project t help the bees. I have allowed a lot of weeds to flower this year and we have more bees. Good luck.

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    • Thanks Cathy. It seems hard to see predators do what the do best, but they too need to eat. It’s always good to let the garden grow a little wild, wildlife will love you for it. 🙂 xx


  2. Love Anglesey. But it’s been years and years since I last went. I think it was over ten years ago. We used to stay close to Beaumaris, I have definitely been to one of the stacks lighthouses. Well done on your walking and your yarden. I’ve really neglected mine recently. Love your ornament. 🙂

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