I Believe in Book Fairies!

As no one took up my offer of a free book, Libby Page’s The Lido gifted to me by Sharon. I decided that the best way to pay the book forward was to join The Book Fairies.

The Book Fairies is a worldwide initiative inspiring people to share their love of books by leaving copies in public places for others to find. So during a recent trip to the Lake District with book in hand David and I sought to find a suitable spot in which to place my book.

I wonder who will find it?

Do you believe in Book Fairies? Have you tried something similar?

Thanks for reading,

Christine x

6 thoughts on “I Believe in Book Fairies!

  1. I believe in them. I would be so excited if i came across a book in a tree! I did do something similar once. Simple Things Mag came with some stickers that I put in three books and I left them in various places round Clitheroe and one in the outer Hebrides. I hope someone found them. X

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  2. I remember seeing this post on instagram. I’ve since bought a few bookmarks and stickers and have a few books that were destined for a charity shop stickered and ready to go… just need to remember to take them out with me now!

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