Hello to a New Decade!

I’m still quite traumatised that 2019 has finally come to an end. How did that happen? It was a year very much focused on family and wild swimming and oh yes, that trip to New York.

I enjoy making videos of the most memorable moments of the year. So here’s 2019’s! Enjoy!

Thank you for coming on the journey with us!

Thanks for all your support,

Christine x

10 thoughts on “Hello to a New Decade!

  1. Happy New Year Christine! I thought your video compilation was really beautiful and it was lovely to share your memories of the past year! You and your family look so happy … I hope this joy continues for you all in this new year! p.s. My family and I went to star wars on Christmas Eve and I loved the inclusion in your memory film.
    Best Wishes, Charlotte

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  2. Wonderful video, and it just tells me what very very nice people you and David are, thank you for sharing. AND… you just gave me the perfect idea for my newest DIL’s 30th birthday, just approved by son Mr B- she too shall be a beekeeper for day. Happy 2020, look forward to reading more of your adventures.

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  3. And what a wonderful journey it has been this year. There certainly looks to be plenty of nature reserve visits and wild swims. I think you must have swam in most of the lakes by now. Happy New Year. Xx

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