30 Days Wild 2021 – Preparation

Hi Everyone!

Today, I am fishing for some inspiration from you guys!

In just over two weeks time it is once again the Wildlife Trusts’ 30 Days Wild and it will be my sixth year participating since it’s inception in 2015. This year however, I have little in the way of ideas for blogging each of the 30 days. I think I have become mentally de-stimulated due to Covid-19 restrictions, so I am turning to you in the hope that you can help my creative juices to start flowing again.

I am looking for any ideas you may have around the topic of enjoying nature and wildlife and how I can best blog about it daily for each day in June.

Here’s a few subjects I’ve already blogged about over the years: I took in a bee experience at the Bee Centre Chorley, beach walked and forest bathed, breathed in the scent of a glorious wildflower meadow, swam wild in the Lake District, went on a badger watch at RSPB Haweswater and moth trapped at RSPB Leighton Moss.

So, if you have any suggestions, whether it is a trip to a local nature reserve (I’m sure I can fit in one or two), or a close up focus on a type of bird, mammal or insect, then do let me know in the comments below.

I very much look forward to all your ideas, and thank you in advance.

Stay Wild!

Christine x

8 thoughts on “30 Days Wild 2021 – Preparation

  1. Wildlife day in the Yarden, butterfly day, perhaps have days in a couple of National parks or maybe areas of AONB, SSSI in your area. Has to be a wild swim day surely for you, beach wildlife day, river wildlife day, forest wildlife day (keep this theme going maybe). Hope you enjoy the month and looking forward to your pics

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  2. Tree planting, hot air balloon ride to see trees from above, sleep outside, dark sky trip to see the stars, an observatory, puffin cruise , beach clean, litter pick your area, visit lovely gardens, oh and some wild swimming.Have a great time, I will look forward to your posts.

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  3. Hi Christine I completely missed your post! The above ideas are really great. Will you be making some elderflower champagne this year? I made some wild rose petal jelly one year and there’s plenty of wild garlic out for foraging too. I am far too lazy to join in blogging, maybe I can post something on Instagram though. Looking forward to your posts. X

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