30 Days Wild 2021 – Day One.

01Day 1: Today is the start of 2021’s 30 Days Wild by The Wildlife Trusts! To celebrate the first day of this nature challenge I’m took part in the Big Wild Breakfast! I took my breakfast out into the yarden to see who I would share my meal with. 

I spent an hour in the yarden listening to a blackbird and wood pigeon on the airwaves and watched with amusement as goldfinches chattered about the tree. A female hairy footed flower bee perused the red campion, while Steven the herring gull watched cautiously from the rooftop. The birds waited for me to leave before they all came into the yarden to feed. It was a pleasant beginning to a hot day!

Did you participate in the Big Wild Breakfast? If so, what did you see?

Thanks for reading, and stay wild!

Christine xx

8 thoughts on “30 Days Wild 2021 – Day One.

  1. Lovely breakfast scene. I was outside mowing the grass after No Mow May. Jolly hard work, but I left a margin of grass and daisies. Spotted today on my walk to the shop a magpie raiding a wheelie bin that was too full to close. Sadly he nicked a plastic wrapper. At lunch watched a bee having a good feed of snap dragon pollen.

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  2. A nice way to breakfast. Up at the caravan still and it’s lovely sitting out here too. There are a few pigeons who live in the trees here and they keep walking/ running along the roof. They sound like elephants!

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