30 Days Wild 2021 – Day Three.

03Day 3: In keeping with tradition, Thursday’s are Throw Back Thursdays, where I take a look back at what Random Acts of Wildness I did for 30 Days Wild since 2015!

In 2020 I made a herbal tea, while in 2019 I looked at plant anatomy. In 2018 it was all about the elderflowers and making champagne, and in 2017 I bioblitzed the yarden. 2016 saw me downloading the 30 Days Wild app and in 2015 I looked at how plants were growing in the yarden. 

For 2021, I’ll take another focus on wildlife apps. The below are wildlife apps I have on my phone. Which ones do you use?

iNaturalist – Help scientists around the globe gauge the health of organisms by submitting sightings to the database.

British Trees National Trust – Easy to use tree finder from the Woodland Trust to help ID species.

Nature Finder Wildlife Trusts – Helps find a local nature reserve near you.

Big Butterfly Count – Count as many butterflies/moths you can during 17 July to 9 August 2021 to help gauge the health of the UK Lepidoptera.

PlantSnap – Helps with plant/flower ID.

Pl@ntNet – Another helpful app for plant/flower ID.

LeafSnap – An online plant encyclopedia.

Great British Bee Count – Friends of the Earth used to host a wonderful bee count during summer, however the past few years this hasn’t happened, but it’s a great app to help ID bees.

Warblr – Not really used this app much, I did download it when it was free but you need internet connection for bird ID.

Merlin -From Cornell Lab. Another bird ID app.

Bugs Matter – An app by Buglife asking people to count the amount of dead bugs on their car licence plates and submit in the app. The only downside to the app is that it needs to be running for the journey to be logged.

What wildlife apps do you use?

Thanks for reading, and stay wild!

Christine xx

What are your thoughts?

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