30 Days Wild 2021 – Day Twelve.

104214819_3891626034242833_5186181618105668430_oDay 12: For today’s 30 Days Wild from The Wildlife Trusts’ I am going to go pond dipping in my little pond to see if there is any life among its waters. 

In 2016 David and I created a washing up bowl pond to encourage aquatic wildlife to the yarden. With limited space this was the best solution. We planted the bowl in some soil with plants around, and bought an oxygenating plant, then left the pond to its devices. 

Over the years we have had mosquito, hoverfly larvae and even a little frog! Here’s what I found living in our pond in 2021. 

The pond dipping experience was a little disappointing actually. I fear my pond is getting slightly stagnant and the oxygenating plant isn’t doing its job very well! All I found was tiny little critters swimming around, I think they were water fleas.

Water fleas?

Water fleas?

Water flees or Daphnia are small aquatic crustaceans. They are filter feeders and can benefit ponds by eating organic matter. So maybe their presence in our pond is a positive after all. 

Thanks for reading, and stay wild!

Christine xx

What are your thoughts?

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