My June

This June has been a tough month for me. With lots going on at home and then blogging everyday for The Wildlife Trusts’ 30 Days Wild, it’s left me feeling exhausted and burned out!

One positive from seeking out nature daily, is that David and I spent a few days out at a couple of nature reserves in the North West. These days were balm for a stressed out soul. As David recently got a new camera, his old Nikon dslr was just gathering dust, so I have been taking it out on our trips to Burton Mere, Brockholes and Lunt Meadows. Here’s a few of my favourite shots that I took.

This June we have been watching season 18 of Dragon’s Den and re-watching Dexter to get us up to speed when the new series airs this autumn.

Last weekend was Riley’s gotcha day! We have been the proud owners of Riley for the past 12 years! Happy gotcha day Riley!

For the past two weeks we have been caring for a regular visitor of ours, Hoppy. She was found weak and unable to fly, so David managed to catch her and we have been caring for her since then. We sent samples of Hoppy’s droppings to the Pigeon Testing Centre and her results came back for worms and coccidiosis. We have treated her for both and hope she recovers. Fingers crossed! Then a week ago David caught another sick pigeon who we named Harri. We have our hands full as you can see!

Update: We fought so much to make Hoppy better, but she gained her angel wings on 29th June. Rest in peace Hoppy, you were a beautiful, elegant pigeon and were much loved. I shall miss looking out for you among our pigeon visitors. 😥

That was my June, how was yours?

Take care,

Christine x

5 thoughts on “My June

  1. So sorry to hear about Hoppy Christine. 😦 I hope Harri is doing ok? How long a life expectancy do pigeons have? I have two wood pigeon visitors to my yard , they are eating the bird food that the sparrows ( but, mostly jackdaws ) spill. Your photographs are beautiful 🥰, you are a good photographer. X

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    • Thanks for your comment Sharon. A pigeon can live up to 12 years. We didn’t know how old Hoppy was when we first met her, but we had five years of knowing her. 🙂 Yes, our pigeon visitors eat all the spilled food the goldfinches leave. Harri is doing good, putting on weight just needs to get stronger and to start flying again. Thanks for liking my photos, I’m just used to my phone camera so an dslr is something new to me. David and I will be having competitions soon 🙂 xx Hope you are doing ok?


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