Revisiting Chester Zoo

A couple of weeks ago David and I took a day trip to Chester Zoo, a local haunt we used to go to every week! It’s had been a few years since we had visited and quite a lot of the exhibits have changed for the better. We paid almost £30 for day tickets for the both of us, a pretty pricey day out but spent all day walking miles around the zoo. We both took cameras, and it seems we focused mainly on the avian wildlife of show. I also took my GoPro and below fins a compilation video of what we saw and some pictures we captured.

Thanks for reading,

Christine xx

2 thoughts on “Revisiting Chester Zoo

  1. It’s great exercise around Chester Zoo, your photos are super, the orange on the beautiful bird is captured so well, the Princess Eugénie of Chester Zoo. Hope you enjoyed the bank holiday, I was in Liverpool for three days trying to sort out my passport just before the bank holiday, it was rainy sadly but I got to do a bit of shopping after 6pm.


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