30 Day’s Wild

This page is where I will link to all my posts during The Wildlife Trust’s 30 Day’s Wild. I have been participating since 2015.

I hope you enjoy!


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Day 1: Planted wildflower seeds

Day 2: Visited Dibbinsdale Nature Reserve in the rain

Day 3: Made elderflower champagne

Day 4: Up close with a cellar spider

Day 5: A walk to work

Day 6: Worms!

Day 7: The Great British Bee Count

Day 8: ID a plant

Day 9: A visit to Port Sunlight River Park

Day 10: Visited Brockholes Nature Reserve

Day 11: All about amphibians

Day 12: Bottling elderflower champagne

Day 13: Planning a wild adventure!

Day 14: Signed up for the Plastic Challenge

Day 15: Explore somewhere wild

Day 16: Strawberry picking at Claremont Farm

Day 17: Forest bathed at Grizedale

Day 18: Up close with a Herdwick

Day 19: Wild swimming in The Lake District

Day 20: Alpacas

Day 21: Summer Solstice

Day 22: National Insect Week

Day 23: Photographing something blue

Day 24: Brereton Heath Local Nature Reserve

Day 25: A close up with goldfinches

Day 26: Woolfall Heath Meadow

Day 27: A closer look at Bracken

Day 28: Sampling elderflower champagne đŸ™‚

Day 29: All about Moths

Day 30: A celebration at Lunt Meadows


Week One: Making elderflower champagne and rain

Week Two: Beach combing and wildflowers

Week Three: Eggs and rosemary tea

Week Four: Nature Reserves and wildflower seeds

Finale: Mosquitoes and elderflower champagne


Week One: Building a pond and information on bees

Week Two: Drawing a dunnock and growing our own potatoes

Week Three: Growing borage and wild swimming

Week Four: Moth sighting and no tech day

Finale: Dancing in the rain and weeds


Week One: The yarden and homes for wildlife.

Week Two: Clouds and recipes

Week Three: Wildflowers and saving bees

Week Four: Passion Flowers and a trip to Norwich

Finale: Moths and butterflies