Normal Service Resumes :)

Back at work today after the long weekend. I, feeling much more like my ‘old’ self got to work to find my student, not feeling very well. We have got on so well over the summer that I do worry for her. Hope she recovers soon.

News of today was that the new front door has been delivered. How sad of me to get excited over a plastic door and fancy glass! lol, I just hope that the fitters tomorrow won’t drag the job on for too long! The house will look very strange when the door has been replaced! 🙂

I must apologise for my last blog, I had taken a bit of a knock and unfortunately sounded like I was a crazed woman! I apologise if I offended anyone. 😦

Regarding going back to writing as a few people have commented I should. I need to clear my head first and then maybe, just maybe I may start prose writing again??