I had published a compilation video with a short sample of my latest work on Friday but as no one seemed interested in reading it. I have deleted the story. You all will just have to wait until it is published. LOL! 😀

On Friday 20th March 2015 was the day of the partial eclipse seen in the North West of England. We witnessed 90% coverage!

David and I drove over to New Brighton and arrived at 8.30am which was when the eclipse began. There were a few other photographers at the waterfront, with the iconic buildings of Liverpool across the River Mersey. Sadly there was cloud around so every time I took a photograph or tried to zoom into the sun with my camcorder all I got was glare from the clouds.

Liverpool skyline during partial eclipse 2015

Liverpool skyline during partial eclipse 2015

David’s camera caught some pictures of the early eclipse which you can view on his Flickr page: and we could view the encroaching eclipse through his viewfinder instead of damaging our eyes!

At around 9.30am at the height of the eclipse, a thicker bank of cloud drifted over the sun and we could suddenly see the partial eclipse with the naked eye and I was able to get some footage of the event!

The light turned into a surreal ‘twilight,’ more murky than dusky but the chill in the air was noticeable.

90% partial eclipse light

90% partial eclipse light

We stayed at the riverside until 10am when the cloud just grew thicker. We had planned on taking the first visit of the year to Chester Zoo which we did. Video to follow!

Christine x

The Year that was 2014!

Christine and David’s 2013 Film!

Footage of Christine and David’s 2013. Featuring Chester Zoo, Norwich, Manchester, Colchester, Liverpool and Sheffield. With more DIY on the new house, visiting GoGo Gorillas and Stand Tall Giraffes and meeting Jonathan Firth (the actor) in Sheffield. Seeing lots of films at the cinema, the Liverpool Philharmonic at Sefton Park and Walking with Dinosaurs at the Echo arena! 2013 has been a roller coaster of a year!!!

All the best for 2014! Let’s make it a blast!!!

Chester Zoo in the Snow!

This weekend the snow the weather forecasters had said would come, came. I along with David and his brother Gary and his wife Bilgen went to Chester Zoo as the snow fell from the heavens.

What we saw is in the film below. I was so happy to be passing the gates of Chester Zoo again, I miss not having the membership.

The best moment of the day for me was when I visited the Red Panda enclosure and Lushui, Pali’s partner was running about. They like the cold! I called Lushui’s name and she came jogging to me, trying to get close to me. I am sure she recognised me, but probably just wanted some bamboo. 😀

I hope you enjoy the video, do comment further. 😀

What a Legacy!

At the end of last week I got news from zoo members of Chester Zoo that Pali the Red Panda had sadly passed away after a short illness. He was about 13 years old! I was heartbroken. 😦


Looking back at his life at Chester Zoo he and his partner Lushui have sired a fantastic second generation. Amongst them are Ming Ming and Lily. They in turn are now siring the third generation. What a wonderful Red Panda Pali was. 😀 He shall never be forgotten!



Happy New Year…!

… Let’s hope that 2013 is a much better year!

Here’s the completed video of David and Christine’s 2012! Hope you enjoy!