The items I bought yesterday in preparation for the arrival of the Finches, which will hopefully be this Saturday were as follows:

Bird grit

Bird sand

Mirror and bell, whether they will play with this is yet to be found out!

Millet sprays


An iodine mineral block, an impulse buy as I saw it on the shelf and want to do well by the Finches, to keep them in tip top shape.

An extra food dish for possibly straw or nest materials

A honey bar as a treat.

There are many other items to buy in preparation for the Finches, like their seed mixes but we will purchase that alongside the birds. I could also use one of my two left over nest pockets for the Finches to sleep in!

Last night I got an email saying the cage had been dispatched! Both David and I were so excited!! All day today I have been eagerly awaiting the post but nothing arrived, maybe tomorrow?? 😛

David was showing me videos on YouTube of the Hagens cage we have picked and it looks really good, though we have to put it all together! I really look forward to its arrival and to build it with David, to see how big it is and to set it up ready for the little Finches. 🙂

I was up early again this morning for work and at 7am I heard the Dunnocks’ little song,  it is getting earlier and earlier with the sun rise! Today the weather was more Spring like than the end of Winter. Before I set off for work, I saw the Dunnock, Robin and a bachelor Blue Tit, apparently the Blue Tit couples have also been visiting during the day.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with the dentist, so will be at home for most of the afternoon 🙂 I look forward to a little relaxation 🙂