Bird Roost Nests Arrive!

I haven’t been at home for much of the day due to work 😦 I did have a long conversation with my student, Rachel about cats and dogs and the benefit to your health of having a pet 🙂

David today was off work as he had to take the car in for a service, so he was lazing about while I wished I was out with him sightseeing somewhere.

Thankfully David picked me up from work which nicely finished at 2.30pm, I made a quick trip home as earlier, Mum had text me in work to say a big box from Amazon had arrived for me. It was my roost nests! All six of them!

I had a quick look at them when I got home for a quick change of clothing as I hate wearing trousers all day. The nest boxes are so cute, and two look like they could house a Dunnock.

Speaking of the Dunnock, the little fellow has been evading me somewhat over the weekend, but today at 7am I head him singing sweetly as I was snoozing before I got the cats and had to get up. He was singing for about half an hour and when I went down to make breakfast, there he was sitting in the cage eating 🙂 I was overjoyed to see him 🙂

Also when I was inspecting the roost nests, I spied the Dunnock again in the cage eating his fill of Bill Oddies Mealworm Munch 🙂 I’m glad he is still visiting, though it is a shame his lady friend hasn’t visited again. I so hope the Dunnock is an alpha male and not a beta!


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