Our Sixth Year Anniversary Weekend.

On Friday I found out from David that he had gone to work extra early in the morning so that he could go to the St Helens pet shop in the afternoon to buy two Gouldian Finches as a surprise for our anniversary, but the ones we had seen on the Wednesday had been sold! I told David that if you see something you want, then you have to buy it straight away as it is always sold the next time you go to buy it. I was quite taken aback at the lovely gesture, even if the outcome wasn’t another two Finches.

David said that the shop owner had suggested to get two females or two males but not one of each and that they had two breeders so we could try again in a few weeks time. David thought it was fate stepping in suggesting that we didn’t need another two Finches. I think Chocolate and Caramel are quite happy together. 😀

On the Saturday David and I spent the day tending to Chocolate and Caramel. We made them a boiled egg, but they were frightened of it, so it went to waste 😦 I have noticed that Chocolate has become a force of nature and has been singing loudly and flying from perch to perch. I am glad that he has settled in well. 🙂 I just wish that they would venture down to the bottom of the cage. I am planning on serving Romaine lettuce to them tomorrow, I shall have to tie the leaves in bunches and hang from the cage bars. I hope they are won’t be frightened of the lettuce. We shall see!

In the evening we ordered a Saffron curry to celebrate our six years together. The curry was very yummy! I ordered a vegetable Dupiaza and David had the chicken Shahi!

There has been lots of wild bird action in the back yard over the weekend. I saw the Dunnock couple a few times and I think we do have a visiting lone Dunnock who was in my yard after 4.30pm! You can tell that the days are drawing out as the birds are visiting later and later.

The most funny thing I witnessed this Sunday was a Magpie with a lovely iridescent green tail, trying to eat the fat cake from my block holder and he was balancing off the wall trying to reach it. The noise from a visiting Blue Tit couple was staggeringly loud and it looked to me like one of them was trying to chase the Magpie away! lol Blue Tits really do punch above their weight! 😀

What are your thoughts?

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