All out of Mealworms!

Not much to comment on the bird activity today as the weather has been so dark and depressing, and then in the afternoon the rain came again! 😦

I have seen one Goldfinch couple at the sunflower hearts today, they seem to be regularly visiting which is nice. 🙂

The news of today is that I am all out of Mealworms! The Blue and Great Tits have been going mad for them! It was been entertaining to watch them swoop down to snatch a worm and then fly off with their quarry!

Twice I have seen the Great Tit couple pass a worm onto each other. If one finds the worms first, he/she then goes to their other half and beaks the remainder of the worm to them. I think it is a lovely display of endearment. 😀 I even saw the Blue Tit couple do the same, it made me sigh an *awww*. 😀

I am also happy to report that I saw the Dunnock, with his fat tummy today, he seemed relaxed hopping about the undergrowth. 😀

The mealworms have been a roaring success! I saw a Pigeon in my caged ground feeder today, happily gobbling up the worms, and even the ingenious Magpie was spotted sneeking his beak under the cage and stealing a few worms! 😀

I have ordered a shipment of live mealworms from website: Livefood UK. People have said that they deliver the next day, so hopefully they will and the birds can get more mealworms. 😀

What are your thoughts?

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