We got the House!!

Yes, the news of the weekend is that on Friday the 25th May 2012 we got the keys to the house next to my Mum! We actually managed to buy a house!

When we went to pick up the keys on the Friday after work it was like an anti-climax, as we sat holding the keys we were asking our selves. ‘What next?’

Saturday was a day of setting up bills, *sigh* we are going with EDF energy, so hope they are a decent company.

I think all our family are very happy for David and I, we already have one ‘welcome to your new home’ card and my student Rachel gave  us our first house gift, a set of six coasters which are lovely 🙂

On Sunday my Mum and brother Daniel helped David and I clear out the weeds in the back yard. On the hottest day of the year, we were shovelling soil and rearranging bricks.

Before and after shots of the yard!

Though the yard will need much more work to it (the out house needs to be taken down), David and I were happy with the result.

The other news is that the Blue and Great Tits have eaten all my worms! 😦 I may buy more, but this will have to be the last! I think I should have just ordered a three kg bag of the worms to save money. I have spent neary £50 on these mealworms!!! I know where the Great Tit family are living, just over the way from me at the back of another house!

I have seen four Goldfinches visiting the sunflower hearts and also on Sunday I heard the Dunnock, though he did not eat here. 😦 The Magpies have been in the yard as well as the Pigeons. I am eager for the Blue and Great Tit young to visit.

Our Society Finches are feeling the heat! I managed to get some mite spray on Saturday so will be able to medicate them, even though they may not have mites, its best to be on the safe side!

But the biggest news of the weekend is the house! I can’t wait to decorate and make it a home!

3 thoughts on “We got the House!!

  1. Well done xxx I told u to hang in there and it paid off. Hope u will b very happy there. It reminds me of a time when lots of daughters lived next door to their families. R u starting a trend lol xxx


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