Oh No! The Starlings are Back!

On Saturday while poking my head out of the bedroom window I spied 12 Goldfinches at my feeders! 12! Over half were babies. 😀 Going from a charm of Goldfinches to a small murmuration of Starlings, on Tuesday there were up to 10 Starlings at my new ringed fat ball feeder (from B&M at 2.99!). lol Oh no, I don’t think I could cope with a hoard of Starlings as well as Golds! lol

A few weeks ago I talked about a visiting female House Sparrow being spotted, now, today I have seen two male House Sparrows eating from my fat balls. I didn’t know they ate from feeders, I thought they were ground feeders? The two new visitors seem very nervous, but the Goldfinches were like that before getting used to their new surroundings. I hope the two new visitors will continue to visit and perhaps bring their friends along as well 🙂

What are your thoughts?

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