Sunday Sevens #41

This post’s a bit late, but it’s been a busy weekend and I’ve not had chance to sit down and write. So here’s my Sunday Sevens devised by Natalie at Threads and bobbins.

Walking the Dog: 
The highlight of the week has been walks with Riley.

Today we visited Sefton Park in all kinds of weather. While the daffodils bent their heads in the wind we jogged and walked in the snow, sleet, hail and rain! We had fun though and added three miles to my annual mileage.


walk sefton

This week I managed 35 miles, bringing my total to 108 miles! I also ordered the 2018 badge. If you are partaking in the challenge, how are you doing?



I have recently been enjoying the BBC 2 programme A House Through Time. Presented by David Olusoga, featuring a house in Faulkner Street, Liverpool. The programme is in four parts and follows the lives of the people who lived in the four storey house.

A Year in Books:

I am currently reading Tom Hank’s Uncommon Type, a collection of short stories with a typewriter mentioned in every one. David informed me that Hanks collects typewriters hence the love for them in this collection of stories. Have you read the book? What were your thoughts?

Night Out:

On Thursday David and I took a trip to the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall. The orchestra performed a varied programme. The low point was a premier of Stephen Pratt’s Symphonies of Tide and Time, which sounded discordant and seemed to have no theme whatsoever. Lithuanian violinist Julian Rachlin performed Brahms’ Violin Concerto enthusiastically, while the high point of the night was Elgar’s Enigma Variations. It was lovely to hear Nimrod played poignantly and variations 11 and 12 were both fun and melancholic respectively.

Classic FM Hall of Fame:

Hall of Fame

It’s that time of year again, when voting is open for Classic FM’s Hall of Fame. This year I voted for:

  1. Rachmaninov’s 2nd Symphony
  2. Elgar’s Enigma Variations
  3. Massenet’s Meditation from Thais

Even though we are in the midst of winter I am looking for signs of spring. I have not seen snowdrops yet, but I have seen daffodils and willows showing their catkins. Have you seen any signs of spring where you are?

That was my week, how was yours?

Thanks for reading,

Christine x

8 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #41

  1. I can’t believe those daffodils, so early. We have snowdrops in the garden, but also it has snowed all day today. I love the programme about the house in Liverpool as my Mum was from Liverpool . You have had a very cultured week!

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  2. I have seen a few daffodils popping up along one lane I take to school – it is a sheltered lane but I was very surprised, I’ve never seen daffodils in January before, they’re always March here, and sometimes even April if it has been cold!

    You are doing well with your walk 1000 miles so far! We almost went out for a walk in the snow today – the roads were quite bad, we couldn’t get to the house to carry on painting but as soon as we declared we wouldn’t bother trying, we’d have a day off and have a walk in the snow, it turned to heavy rain! The roads cleared and we got another coat of paint done!

    I haven’t read the book by Tom Hanks. It doesn’t really appeal to me. I’m reading The Three Musketeers at the moment.

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  3. I should send off for a badge too. Christine, I am sure If I didn’t have a dog, the walk 1000 miles challenge would be lots harder than it is. We are lucky to have our four legged friends in our lives. 🙂 That book sounds interesting. Reminds me of a fact that I once heard about the actress Winona Ryder. Apparently in all her films she is seen writing. I wonder if that is true? X

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