30 Days Wild 2018 – Day Fourteen

twt-30-days-wild_countdown_14Day 14: This Thursday is, Throw Back Thursday. 

In 2015 I sat in the yarden and listened to visiting goldfinch fledglings. 2016 saw me poorly sketch the visiting dunnock, and in 2017 I celebrated World Oceans Day by signing up to the Marine Conservation Plastic Challenge. For 2018 I decided to once again sign up for the Plastic Challenge. To make the step to eliminate single use plastics in my everyday life.

The challenge runs from 1st – 31st July 2018.

To aid this revolution I aim to purchase bamboo toothbrushes, turn to coconut scouring pads and reuse plastic bags.

Could you also take the challenge?

Thanks for reading, and stay wild!

Christine x

9 thoughts on “30 Days Wild 2018 – Day Fourteen

  1. It is so hard to live without plastic nowadays. I am aware of this challenge but haven’t actually committed to it though I do my little bits to reduce plastic use.

    We do have bamboo toothbrushes, reusable bags, metal straws and I will buy loose fruit etc and choose non plastic wherever I can – e.g. a metal mop bucket and wood / cotton mop and cotton cloths and so on. My most recent swap from plastic is that I now buy biodegradable (corn starch) bin bags.

    By the way, not sure if you will see this comment in time but just a reminder that photo an hour is tomorrow!

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    • Thanks for reminding me Louise. I will make a reminder on my phone. I almost forgot!! Thanks 🙂 I am slowly trying to get rid of single use plastics, but as you say, it is very hard. Small steps is better than none 🙂 x


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