My January

Taking inspiration from Sharon’s blog post Januarying, I thought I would write my own version. After all the lights and nervous excitement of December and Christmas, January can be a depressing month. The nights are long and dark, the pavements treacherous, coated with ice and the parks are waterlogged. Though spring is around the corner it seems far away in a bleak January. Then add lock-down three and there seems very little to be cheerful about.

This January, the weather in Liverpool has been a mix of frosty mornings, with a sprinkling of ice and snow and then a deluge of rain and mud. I’ve tried to make the most of my limited time out and about and walks with Riley are a treat most days. However his walks have been curtailed somewhat with his diagnosis of arthritis and having to take medication for the rest of his life.

In December I returned to work for only two days of the week at the office. Once lock-down three was announced my hours were cut to one day a week. During the days I am not in work I am busy binging on The Crown. They have been mostly good episodes with the odd boring one.

Looking back at the films we have watched this January, there seems to be an evident theme; that of superheroes.

  • Avengers: Infinity War
  • Avengers: End Game
  • Superman: Homecoming

The internet during the lock-downs has been a lifeline for most people, keeping families connected. For my family is hasn’t been any different. Via a downloadable programme on the computer, we have been able to join other family members remotely in game nights and quizzes. It has been most entertaining!

Watching the visiting garden birds this winter has been very therapeutic. The last weekend of January is traditionally reserved for the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch. For the past eight years I have looked forward to spending an hour watching the birds visit my yarden. I find it a most peaceful and enjoyable experience. 2021 won’t be any different and I am hoping the usual suspects will visit, like Steven the ‘sea’ gull and the charms of goldfinches. I even spotted the annual visitation of the chiffchaff on Saturday, I wonder if he will make an appearance in this years count?

How have you spent January? Kept warm in doors or ventured out in the snow?

Take care,

Christine x

8 thoughts on “My January

  1. Hi Christine that’s fab that you and your family do the quiz night thing. It’s not something my family tend to do, though it’s a pals bday this wknd and I think we are doing something online. I think you will get some great visitors for the birdwatch. Think I’m doing mine on Sunday. X

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  2. The snow here on Sunday proved to be a real tonic for the whole neighbourhood, so much fun. I’m trying new things this month to keep my spirits up, from chopsticks to using a facemask- the clay variety! My suggestion to everyone is try something new and buy yourself a little luxuary- I was in Boots last week for vital supplies and choose a nice soap for my little treat.

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  3. Hi Christine. At last I am back into my WordPress account. I can comment again. I have been following your blog on Facebook it really is a tonic. I have inherited my mum’s bird stuff as she died in July so will be carrying on her tradition. I have tried before to get the birds in the garden but not been successful. However her magic has worked and I now have a steady flow. It’s lovely watching them come right up to the patio window and into the little feeding box keep up the writing.

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