Sunday Sevens #70

It’s been a while since I updated you all with a Sunday Sevens, a series devised by Natalie at Threads and Bobbins.

The Lake District:
Last Sunday David and I finally managed to get to the Lake District for a well earned short break. During our three days we did lots of walking. We took a six mile slog up Blencathra, but the relatively short 3.5 mile walk to Alcock Tarn and the views from Grey Crag were among my favourite. All these miles have added to my weekly total of 40, bringing my annual tally for the #walk1000miles challenge to 1,469. Do you think I’ll make 2000 miles by the end of the year?

Wild swims:
As you probably guessed I partook in a few wild swims during my short stay in the Lake District. I finally managed to tick off Windermere!

During our break we finally got to RSPB Haweswater and participated in their weekly Monday badger watch. During the hour we saw two badgers, Porridge and Gremlin.

The Aviary:
Once back home it was like we hadn’t been away as we found one of our blue-faced parrot finches, Forrest showing early signs of stargazing. We have had a finch with this illness before but it was no less saddening to see Forrest suffer with disorientation.

Books I am reading:
I’m reading two boooks at present, A New York Winter’s Tale by Mark Helprin. I didn’t know this was a huge tome but it is keeping me company whilst travelling to work. The second book is The Horse Dancer by JoJo Moyes. This book I saw on the shelves of Asda and I swooped in to purchase it. I am half way through but not sure whether I am enjoying the story or not. I’ll let you know!



Walking the Dog:
What fabulous weather we have had this week here in the NW of England! It has felt like the last breath of summer before autumn really takes charge. It has been a perfect week off work! I spent my free time taking Riley on many walks to the park.

That was my week, how was yours?

Christine x

9 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #70

  1. So glad you got to go to RSPB Haweswater to see the Badgers. Did you see any rats too? Did you pass through Askham on the way? That’s where my Mum lives. Sorry about your Finch. Hope she’s recovered. X

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    • Yes we saw lots of rats as the warm up act. We did pass Askham. Must be a lovely place to live? We took the smaller roads as was quicker than the motorway. Forrest is ok. She seems to have improved lately but early days. At least she is sitting on a perch. Back to work today *sigh * xx

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      • Sorry, I totally forgot to answer this. Askham is a nice place to live. I like visiting Mum there….but it has never really felt like home to me somehow. Hope Forrest is still improving and work is going ok. Xx

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      • Thanks Sharon, Forrest is much improved. We have moved her back in with Leaf but still giving her nutrients. Work hasn’t been too bad. All ok with new agency and David’s job is secure for the time being. How have you been doing? I’ve not forgotten to post the book. Hope to do it tomorrow xx

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      • Oh that’s great. Not reading anything particularly at the moment. Glad stuff is going ok. Yeh, I’m good too. Not much new to report. Working this wknd but going caravan next wknd so that’s cool. X


  2. I hope the finch gets better. How great to have had the break in the Lake District and when the weather was so good. I have done a couple of badger watches, and it is very exciting to see them. It’s been nice over on the Yorkshire coast too and I have enjoyed a couple of walks this week and time in the garden.

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