Sunday Sevens #68

You all know how much I love updating you all in a Sunday Sevens! I’ve managed to collate enough info this week for a post. Thanks to Natalie at Threads and Bobbins for devising the successful series.

Burton Mere:
Sunday 21st July 2019 was RSPB Burton Mere‘s 40th anniversary pin badge launch. David and I made our way to the reserve on this special occasion to purchase the much anticipated badge. The badge ID was unknown until we arrived. It was a cattle egret! A species that has nested and reared young in previous years. I paid the £2 donation and we enjoyed a few hours walking about the reserve.

David has been curing pigeons again! This time a female pigeon with a sore eye, who was unable to close her beak. After a few attempts at capture, David managed to catch her and quickly discovered that she had canker, a bacterium that if left untreated can kill pigeons. David has bought tablets to treat this disease so after an overnight stay at Rescue No.49, Doris was released and has been seen frequenting the yarden every day this week. Thanks David for saving another life!

Doggy Day:
After all the uncertainty recently about David’s job, re: redundancies and reshuffling, an event at David’s work called Puppy Day helped him release the stresses and strains of daily life by spending time with dalmatian puppies.

During recent research I’ve discovered that there is no such thing as a seagull. They are just gulls seen at the seaside! However since their food and habitat is being encroached by humans these gulls are becoming more prevalent inland. The nesting gulls around our home I have learned are two different types. The gull nest to the back of our house is a herring gull and the nest to the front, I have identified as a lesser black-backed gull. On Friday the chick to the back had fallen from the nest (chimney stack) and now cries for food whilst on the roof. The adult tends to this chick so I am not too concerned. 

Watching birds while it rained:
This weekend was a rather damp squib, in more ways than one!! It rained constantly all day Saturday, so I decided to spend a good hour watching the birds visiting the yarden feeders. I saw four species of bird, 7 goldfinches, 5 sparrows, (who are so adventurous and like to explore every corner of the yarden). 13 Starlings and 4 pigeons. I even spotted a poor bedraggled honeybee trying to dodge the raindrops!


View from the window

I’ve forgotten to calculate my miles recently. So when I did add up this week’s mileage, I found that I had walked 35 miles, bringing my annual total to 1,177!

Book I am reading?
Having finished The Heights by Juliet Bell I am left wondering what to read next. Any ideas??


I’ve noticed that since Riley has hit the prime age of 10, he has slowed down a lot. He no longer plays for as long as he used too and he stop and starts when going for a long walk. I worry for him. Do you have any tips on looking after an older dog?

So, that was my week, how was yours?

Thanks for reading,

Christine x

9 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens #68

  1. Poor Riley, as for tips keep an eye on his back legs. Watch him when he gets up is he struggling to raise himself, you can get joint tablets to ease his joints if needed. He will slow a little, but keep walking him the same distance, just perhaps start to ease the hill gradient if possible as the years pass to help him. Also he may need help in and out of the car

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    • Thanks Steve, Riley wasn’t too bad today on our 2.7 mile walk today. I’ll keep an eye on his legs and will keep the walks low level. We already give him joint supplements but may revise these. Hopefully we will have many more years with Riley and I’ve jet to try swimming with him 🙂 x

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  2. Some lovely moments in your week.
    I’m sorry to hear of David’s work related worries at the moment. As for Riley, I don’t have any useful advice but I’ve found (with my parents old dog and my elderly grandmother(!) that it’s just a case of slow and steady – nothing too hilly and letting them set the pace, with plenty of rest stops! Let’s hope he has a few more years of happy walks yet.

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  3. Poor Riley, I hope he continues to enjoy life for a good while longer. That was a good number of birds in your garden. I think we had an owl land on our roof the other night at bedtime. I can’t think of what else could have made the thuds we heard. It’s been really hot this week, cooled down today. I took myself off for a walk in the woods on Friday just to cool down. I was thrilled to find wild raspberries to eat, and the bilberries look ready for a pie or two.

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  4. Hi Christine, the new pin badge looks a good one. I collect them too as does my niece. Fingers crossed for David. I can definitely identify with those worrying times. Doggy day with super cute Dalmatians sounds a good way of de stressing though. Aw poor Riley. I reckon he’s got quite a few years to go, but I can definitely sympathise. When we had Jake he did end up having trouble with his back legs toward the end. Labs are renowned for it, hopefully Riley won’t have such problems. I did meet a very healthy looking collie only the other day and she was 15 and going strong. xxx

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    • Thanks Sharon. I will definitely look out for the badges for you and your niece in future. I never thought, sorry xx I knew you would understand how David is feeling, though he is doing much better than last time. Thanks for your info on Riley. I am worrying a little but Riley was better today. I just need to keep a close eye on him. Thanks for your support xx

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  5. It’s hard not to worry I know. I love Hugo so much and I can’t believe how fast time goes. I still think of him as my pup, and he’s nearly five. Oh and we’ll done David with the pigeon. You have saved quite a few!


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